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4 Promotional Products that Attract Foot Traffic at Trade Shows


It’s trade show season, and with your booth and literature setup and ready for the masses, the final thing you’ll need is a way to attract and encourage attendees to visit your space.

Whether you call them promotional items, giveaways, or swag, the right promotional print products can cost-effectively drive traffic to your booth, giving you more leads and more opportunities to talk about your business.

The best promotional products are functional, fun, and memorable; the following trade show giveaways tick off all of these boxes:

Promotional Portable USB Chargers

Promotional portable USB chargers offer immediate value to your recipients, allowing them to charge their devices at the show without huddling around a power outlet with fellow attendees.

Giving away branded USB chargers is one of the best ways to increase foot traffic, as there’s arguably no better promotional product one can receive for free. After the show’s done, there’s a good chance attendees will continue to use the charger day in, day out, since we’re constantly communicating with our devices at home or at work.

Its practicality can’t be ignored, and those trade show attendees will agree as they line up for theirs at your booth.

Trade Show Tote Bags

Rarely will you attend a trade show without seeing a number of tote bags. They’re wildly popular, and a trade show staple for good reason – they work well as sought-after trade show giveaways.

Tote bags have achieved must-have status at trade shows due to their immediate usage, helping attendees carry their other trade show knick knacks and patty whacks. No one wants to carry stacks of literature, T-shirts, lanyards, and other trade show trinkets. Branded tote bags are a good solution to store other promo items, while doubling as free walking advertising for your brand. They’re extremely cheap to manufacture and customize, too.

Promotional Phone Pocket with Metal Ring

You might scoff at this promotional item because you first saw your mom rocking one, but phone pockets with a handy metal ring are more in-demand. This is especially true at trade shows, where cell phone accessories are never out of style.

The phone pocket can be branded with your logo, so recipients will see your brand every time they pull out their phone (and everyone is glued to their phone nowadays). The pocket can hold  a couple of credit and business cards, while the ring doubles as a handy stand or grip.

Reusable Metal Straws with Case

Plastic straws are highly controversial right now (not that a plastic straw is an appropriate trade show item), making these reusable promotional metal straws an intriguing talking point that can generate conversation. Of course, your business will have to be somewhat related to straws for them to be sensible (i.e. if you’re selling dish detergent, don’t hand out straws).

It’s a unique item that you probably won’t find at any other booth, distinguishing your brand from the rest. Recipients will love the convenient carrying case, and you’ll love the fact you can brand it with your logos and colours.

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