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The Immortal Benefits of Business Cards


It’s true that in 2019 we may have reached a point in the world of business where most first interactions occur online without any physical contact.

If this is the case, are business cards dead?

Business cards won’t die until we do. As long as there are people with whom you can meet and network, business cards will be relevant, important, and continue to hold a world of potential.

Physical Impressions Leave Lasting Impressions

We’ve all heard it a million times, but it bears repeating. The best way to market yourself, your product, or your brand is to make meaningful connections with whoever you’re trying to reach; the best way to make meaningful connections is through some kind of tangible contact. This is why there are still live, in-person networking events and conferences.

Once you’ve met someone at an event, looking down at your phone to take their information digitally can be seen as rude and impersonal. Shaking someone’s hand and then giving them your business card keeps the conversation personal, positive, and genuine. The card itself gives them something tangible to remember you by: physical evidence of having met you, an impression of who you are and what you offer, and an easy way to reach you.

The Quickest, Most Efficient Elevator Pitch

If you’re at a huge networking event, you’re going to meet a lot of people, and so will everyone else. When you bump into someone exciting, you won’t necessarily have even 30 seconds to make the standard pitch about yourself or your company. They might be on their way to another panel, or about to be grabbed by someone else who wants to meet them. Combined with a friendly hello, a solid handshake, and polite eye-contact, a memorable and informative business card can make the pitch for you.

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Evidence of Professionalism

Even if you do have time for a full introduction and elevator pitch, if your new connection has any interest in reaching out to you later, they’re going to ask, “Do you have a business card?” Saying “why, yes I do!” to that question shows them that you’re professional, that you take yourself seriously, and that you’ve committed to offering whatever your business card says you offer. Saying, “Um, I haven’t gotten around to that yet… do you have a pen? Wait, I could send you an email from my phone and then you’ll have my email address too…does that work?”, won’t have the same effect.

Round the Clock Marketing

Unlike websites, email servers, and anything digital, business cards are never down. Your new connections can look at you business card whenever they want to, even if the power has gone out. Furthermore, they now have the capacity to pass your card to someone new who they think might want to speak with you. This could go on and on, and all you had to do was put a little card in someone’s hand.

There’s a lot of potential in one little business card, so it’s important that it represents you perfectly. Create your ideal business card with Print Three, or look at our business card design templates and stock options at a Print Three location near you.

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