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Branded Marketing Items for the Holidays


The holidays are a great time to build brand awareness and customer engagement with branded marketing items and custom promotional products. Some of the most successful holiday marketing campaigns made smart use of branded marketing items to achieve their goals, going all the way back to the very first advent calendar.

Here are some ideas on how you can incorporate custom promotional items into your own seasonal marketing and launch successful and memorable holiday marketing campaigns.

Christmas Tree Ornaments as Custom Promotional Products

Decorating the Christmas tree is a time-honoured tradition in many families, and your business can join in on the festivities with branded Christmas tree ornaments. Giving out high-quality Christmas ornaments that feature your logo and brand colours is one of the unique, best corporate gift ideas for clients or partners who celebrate the season.

Branded Marketing Items: Gloves

Help your target consumers brave the cold this holiday season with branded gloves or mittens. Functional, as well as promotional, branded gloves aren’t just something your customers will wear every day this winter, but for many winters to come. These are branded marketing items they will be exposed daily for a good portion of the season, unless they leave them behind while on vacation of course.

Customized Promotional Products: Wine Stoppers

No matter your faith or creed, the holidays are a time of celebration for all. That means wine, and plenty of it! Wine stoppers make for very unique custom promotional products that are also highly functional, as they keep wine fresh long after you break the seal.

This way, recipients will be exposed to your brand frequently and begin to associate it with warm times surrounded by family and friends. And wine. They easily rank among the best corporate gift ideas!

For help with your seasonal marketing, contact Print Three today. We’re create outstanding branded marketing items and custom promotional products so you can run the most successful holiday marketing campaigns possible.

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