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The 5 Most Awesome Unconventional Business Cards


As Patrick Bateman taught us in the seminal film American Psycho, a business card is more than a slightly outdated way to give someone your contact information. It’s a statement about your business, your personal brand, and your professional status.

However, coming up with unique business card ideas is hard. That’s why we’ve compiled this short list of truly awe-inspiring unconventional business cards to stimulate your imagination.

From creative utility objects to edible business cards, you can bet no one who was handed one of these threw it in the trash two minutes later.

Laser Cut Business Card:

This laser-cut business card is futuristic and memorable, while staying minimalist and not overwhelming you with too much information or creative flourishes. The highlighter green color and sleek material connote quality, and make it clear that these aren’t novelty unconventional business cards, but a real personal statement.

Guitar Tab Business Card

A double-sided business card for a music teacher that follows the mullet-born “business in the front, party in the back” ethos, the front side is a simple, minimalist white-on-black design with interesting text placement. On its own, it would be a perfectly serviceable card for anyone in a creative industry, but turn it over and you get the “wow factor”. Each of these unconventional business cards has a different guitar tab on the back, a perfect memento for prospective students.

Cookie Business Card

An all-in-one business card/free sample, what could be better for the environment than a business card you can eat! Just hope they’re gluten-free.

Cheese Grater Business Card

The ultimate marriage of form and function, this cheese grater business card is not just useful, but also a great conversation piece that builds buzz about a business. Plus, it’s perfect for social media posting.

Beef Jerky Business Card

Another in our selection of edible business cards, this beef jerky business card is a great branded item for a tough, rugged survival training company. Not to mention one of the most unique business card ideas we’ve ever seen. And if you so happen to end up lost in the woods after getting separated from your training party, a few strategic nibbles should keep your energy up until you’re rescued. So long as the wolves don’t sniff it out that is.

Print Three can’t help you cook edible business cards, but we can make sure whatever unique business card ideas you come up with will be realized with care, precision and the highest quality printing practices available on the market.
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