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Applying Big Brand Advertising to Your Small Business


As a small business, it’s economically sensible for your advertising strategies to take a no-frills, information-based approach.

But imagine you’ve come up with an outside-the-box idea that’s more suited to big brand names. Your small business can’t sink its entire budget into premium real estate like billboards and television spots, needing to opt for affordable ad space instead.

Read on for simple advice on how to utilize big brand creativity when advertising for your small business!

Simplicity Breeds Flexibility


The above Prius ad communicates its main message of being green in a simple, yet creative manner.

Don’t mistake Toyota’s premium space in newspapers as the reason for producing such a great ad. It’s simple enough that it could exist in various, more affordable mediums. Applying the principle of a business’s promotional branded products having to be a good fit with their brand, you could successfully duplicate the visual and copy onto a green-friendly water bottle.

Promotional materials like water bottles or coffee mugs provide a frugal canvas for clever writing and art direction, since there’s space for a headline, tagline, and visual. Keep in mind, people don’t take snapshots of billboards, PVR television spots, or stick print ads on the fridge. Yet, a memorable headline on a coffee cup or water bottle is forever, turning your excellently executed branding into keepsakes that keep your business top-of-mind!

Make Sure You’re Reaching Your Target

What if this beer ad was playing during Saturday morning cartoons? Or during Matlock? It’d be missing a target that’s best reached during hockey and football games, wasting a brilliant creative idea.

Similarly, a home renovation company’s marketing team doesn’t want to be hanging outside of a University, aimlessly handing out brochures or coffee mugs. University students, of course, do not require home renovations.

On the other hand, the same home renovation company can sponsor a local youth rec league, and offer players and parents branded promotional materials at tryouts and tournaments. Home owners require home renovations, and by sponsoring a league of hundreds of these children, your materials are placed in possession of hundreds of parents (re: homeowners). You’re squeezing every bit of value out of these promotional branded items by optimizing the reach to target consumers.

Low Budget Can Still Mean High Quality When Advertising Your Small Business

Don’t let a low budget prevent you from having fun with your advertising. Take lessons from the creativity of big brands, and use affordable platforms like branded promotional materials to show off high level creative execution.

Need a canvas to affordably execute your creativity?

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