Social Media

Social Media For Businesses: Rules For Building a Loyal Social Following

The power of social media for businesses is often underestimated, but the reality is, active social media marketing is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to build a loyal social following for your brand. And offering incentives, being different, authentic, and engaging are the most important rules of social media to increase traffic, sales, and brand recognition.

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4 reasons mobile marketing is important for your business

Mobile marketing is essential to all businesses now that mobile devices are the go-to media devices for consumers and potential customers. The explosive growth of smart phones, tablets, smart watches and other evolving devices are driving mobile marketing. Any business, large or small, must adapt to the changing business conditions, and develop a mobile marketing strategy as well as a mobile-friendly website.

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7 Common Marketing Mistakes Made By Businesses, and How To Avoid Them

Misconceptions about marketing can cause your business to lose out on valuable customers. You may think your business is making the most of your marketing budget, but if you’re making any of these common marketing mistakes, you could be doing even better! Read on to clear up a few common marketing misconceptions. Are you making any of these marketing mistakes and hurting your marketing?

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