Print Three and Prime Data Offer End-to-End Direct Mail Services

Between Print Three and our partner company Prime Data, there’s nothing we can’t handle when it comes to direct mail!

Haven’t been introduced to Prime Data yet? Let us do the honours. As a Canada Post Expert Partner, and twice-recipient of their awards for growth and innovation, Prime Data offers its clients revenue-driving marketing strategies.

As a Canada Post Expert Partner, Prime Data offers its clients winning strategies that are made to fit the evolving marketing landscape. Revenue-driving direct mail tactics support local businesses with Neighbourhood Mail or can be personalized by applying advanced variable data printing techniques. Twice recognized as a leader in direct mail marketing innovation, Prime Data has continually demonstrated that direct mail has measurable value with an excellent return on investment.

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Together We Offer:

Creative Services and Concept Design

Know you need direct marketing, but can’t quite find a creative concept that sticks? Print Three and Prime Data have many years of experience in dreaming up and designing memorable direct mailers that stand out among the crowd. From the depths of your imagination up until we put it on paper, we are able to create direct mail pieces of any shape, size, design, and style.

High-Quality Print Services

Once designed, your pieces are ready to be printed. Print Three’s wide range of printing services were specifically created with you in mind. Each of our locations is equipped with the latest digital and offset printing equipment, capable of handling any print job that comes our way. Together, we’ll figure out the best print method, material and plan of action for your business, adding as many bells and whistles as you want along the way.

Speedy Order Fulfilment

At Print Three, we know how important fast turnaround times and seamless order fulfillment processes are to our customers. Our goal is to get your campaigns going quickly, so we work hard to make sure that your deadlines are always met, without ever compromising on quality.

Even Speedier Mailing Services

For over 20 years, Prime Data has been working closely with mailing systems all over the world. Over the years, the team has formed a close relationship with Canada Post, earning them “expert partner” status through their networks. As such, Prime Data and Print Three are able to provide customers with excellent turnaround times. Big believers in “triggered mail,” they know just how important it is to get your direct mail pieces in the hands of customers ASAP.

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Does Direct Mail Marketing Still Work?

Absolutely! As long as you have a solid direct mail marketing strategy in place, it can be a huge differentiator between you and your competitors. Direct mail is impactful, results-driven and a fantastic way to make meaningful connections with your customers. As a marketing channel, it remains one of the most popular options. B2B marketers are investing an average of 25% of their budgets on direct marketing and print advertising.

Take a Look at These Stats from Canada Post:

Direct mail has a 20% higher motivation response than digital media, making it far more persuasive.

Consumers pay 39% more attention (time spent) to campaigns that integrate direct mail and digital than single-media campaigns.

47% visited a store in reation to direct mail.

Source: Breaking Through the Noise, 2015

Direct Mail Drives Engagement

According to Canada Post, “direct mail offers a sensory experience that triggers consumer emotions and action while maximizing attention and recall.” In fact, customers spent on average 118% more time with a direct mail piece than with digital marketing on their first exposure. The study shows that effective direct mail campaigns are capable of drawing readers in, holding their attention and improving overall brand recall!

Personalized Direct Mail Lets You Speak to Your Customer One-on-One

In this day and age, many of us have information-rich customer databases available at our fingertips. Thanks to major advancements in variable data technology, web to print software and digital printing processes, marketers are now able to create unique mailers that allow for personalized communication with each and every customer. By blending technology and creativity, brands are benefiting from higher response rates and loyalty levels.

Triggered Direct Mail Adds a Whole New Dimension

We take targeted direct mail to another level. Prime Data has come up with action-driven direct mail marketing campaigns that make the most of online channels. Prime Data is able to capture web visitors’ actions, quickly turning them into highly personalized mailers within hours. With this new technique, Prime Data has been able to improve response rates, further driving engagement and brand loyalty for their customers.