One to One Marketing

4 Google Tools That Your Business Should Be Using

It’s amazing how much Google knows, isn’t it? Just about everyone is familiar with Google search. But does your business use Google tools to their fullest extent? Google offers plenty of free online tools for businesses that you may not be aware of. Google tools can help your business with everything from online marketing to collaboration and document storage. It’s also cool to have a Google Gmail address – you...

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7 Tips for Creating an Effective Direct Mail Campaign

There’s nothing like coming home, after a long day of work, to find your mailbox overflowing with junk. Ugh. The fact is, most direct mailers are not only ignored, but there is a certain stigma attached to this form of advertising. If this is true, then why do marketers keeping creating them? Well, when done properly, direct mail campaigns are not only extremely effective, but they’re a trackable form of...

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Why You Should Leverage One to One Marketing

Integrating one to one marketing into your marketing strategy sets you apart from other brands. Our world is saturated with advertising that seeks to appeal to the world as a whole. With one to one marketing, your direct mail and other marketing pieces are able to zero in on your clients and provide uniquely personalized marketing.

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