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    Email Addresses

    Company branded email address for your business

    Company branded email addresses (e.g. help businesses have an online identity, display professionalism, gain trust and help make a good impression. How many times have you come across a business with a generic yahoo, gmail, or hotmail email address? The first impression upon seeing such an email address for a business tends to provoke doubt. Having your own official company email address leaves a sense of assurance and professionalism.

    Benefits of Company Branded Emails:

    • Portray professionalism
    • Gain the trust of your customers
    • Build easy brand awareness
    • Email address is related to the business identity
    Web Services Package
    • 7 Page Web Design
    • Dynamic Banner
    • Contact Mail Form
    • GoTo Map Feature
    • Domain Registration & Management for one year
    • Web Hosting for one year
    • 2 Company Branded Email Addresses
    Ask us how we can help you with creating email addresses for your business.